This UX case study delves into the design enhancement of VetPlan, VetFamily's innovative preventive care plan. The objective is to craft an intuitive and user-centric experience that seamlessly guides pet owners through the process of understanding, enrolling, and managing their pet's health journey.

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VetPlan, VetFamily’s preventive care plan, was initially launched in Denmark in 2016 and has since been introduced in Sweden, Norway, and the Netherlands.

Throughout this case study, the focus will be on implementing a user-centered approach that involves conducting comprehensive research to uncover the specific needs and challenges faced by pet owners. By utilizing these insights, the objective is to create a streamlined and visually engaging interface that simplifies the process of exploring, selecting, and enrolling in the plan.

Furthermore, this study will provide a detailed account of the iterative design journey, spanning from the initial wireframing phase to the creation of prototypes and subsequent usability testing. These steps collectively aim to enhance the overall user experience. The implementation of responsive design ensures that pet owners can seamlessly interact with VetPlan across various devices.

In essence, the VetPlan UX case study underscores the commitment to enhancing the well-being of pets and their owners. The outcome is a comprehensive and user-friendly preventive care plan that aligns perfectly with the core values of VetFamily.


The project’s goal is to design an intuitive and pleasant user experience, streamlining the ticket purchasing process. This meets diverse needs of individuals seeking park entertainment options, while helping the park assess attendee numbers in adherence to regulations.