About me

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Viyan Ateaa smiling


A passionate Design Technologist and Front-End Developer dedicated to crafting exceptional digital experiences through innovative design systems. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a strong technical background, I strive to bridge the gap between design and development, ensuring seamless and user-centric products. I enjoy spending my time in the design & tech community, and learning more about design, business, and technology. Aside from all that, I enjoy hiking, camping with friends, and trying new food recipes.


As a creative problem-solver with a love for technology, I found my true calling in the world of design and front-end development. My journey began with a burning curiosity for both design and code, leading me to pursue a degree in Master of Science in Interaction & Design from UmeƄ University. Throughout my academic journey and professional career, I have honed my skills to bring out the best in every digital project I undertake.


Design system

Experist in creating and maintaining design systems that document and organize design patterns, components, and guidelines which empower team to collaborate effectively and enable faster iterations, leading to a cohesive and harmonious user experience across products. My expertise in crafting design systems is instrumental in delivering exceptional digital experiences that resonate with users and leave a lasting impact on the market.


My expertise in frontend development enables me to convert design concepts into functional and visually appealing interfaces. I specialize in building UI components using different JavaScript Frameworks such as Angular and StencilJS (web components compiler).My design approach prioritizes inclusivity, employing ARIA roles and semantic HTML to ensure accessibility. Additionally, I have worked with creating Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to provide app-like experiences for users.

UX Design

My deep-rooted commitment to user-centric design is anchored in the principles of design thinking, with a core focus on placing the user at the center of every decision. This entails empathizing with users, conducting thorough user research, and gathering invaluable insights to inform design and development choices. By focusing on user needs, preferences, and pain points, I consistently craft intuitive and meaningful digital experiences that resonate profoundly with the target audience.