Gröana lund & kolmården

This UX case study is focused on elevating the ticket booking process for the Park Resorts Entertainment website. The §central objective is to design an instinctive and pleasurable user experience that streamlines the ticket purchasing journey. This initiative serves a dual purpose: catering to a diverse array of individuals exploring park entertainment choices while aiding the park in precisely estimating attendee numbers to uphold regulatory compliance.

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Given the COVID-19 restrictions, the Swedish government has implemented laws to prevent large gatherings and promote social distancing for public health safety. The government agency recommends thorough planning for events with fewer than 50 attendees. In line with this, park entertainment must follow these regulations. Thus, understanding expected attendance is crucial for compliance and effective planning.

Role and Responsibilities

My role was as solo UX designer in the team and my key responsibilities are:

  • Enhancing the ticket buying experience involves understanding user needs
  • Creating intuitive interfaces
  • Optimizing the process for smooth navigation and visual appeal.


The project’s goal is to design an intuitive and pleasant user experience, streamlining the ticket purchasing process. This meets diverse needs of individuals seeking park entertainment options, while helping the park assess attendee numbers in adherence to regulations.